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Kiss Me Slowly is a steamy, small town novella about a headstrong woman on her own for the first time, a single father, and their surprise baby.

Micky’s had the same boyfriend since she was a teenager. So, when he plans a special dinner, she knows this is it—she’s about to get engaged.

Instead, he dumps her.

Needing a change of scenery, she takes a job at a fancy ski resort in Calamity, Wyoming. Three weeks later, she has her first-ever hookup, and it delivers a bombshell.

She’s pregnant.

Her baby daddy is party-boy-turned-single-dad Rhys Wolff, the youngest son of the resort owners. Loaded with money and ideas about what’s best for her child, his parents decide what Micky’s life will look like raising a Wolff child, and she wants none of it.

But having a broken family is not what Rhys wants. He wants his daughter to know her older sister, and he wants Micky.

They may have started as a fling, but Rhys will make sure it ends as a forever.

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