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Are you having trouble with your story? Do you start out with a great idea and then find yourself running out of steam? If you need guidance with structure or story elements, let’s talk about it. I can get you back on the right path and help make the process of writing a book easier. 




Plotter? Pantser? It doesn’t matter. Whatever your style, if you want to knock out a great first draft, then you need to develop the essential story elements first. 

Author Erika Kelly distills down the most important lessons taught by the great story analysts into this prewriting process to help create fully realized characters and a plot map that’ll track the story and relationship arcs.

Never again will you have to stare at a blank page, wonder wha

t scene to write next, or tackle revisions with no idea where to begin. This book will give you the building blocks you need to construct a fully developed, emotionally powerful story.

And you’ll do it better and faster than you ever have before.

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