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You Really Got Me -- Erika Kelly
You Really Got Me

Coming Jan 2015
Berkley Books

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Thank you for visiting my website!

I’ve been a storyteller most of my life. Growing up in Los Angeles and being involved in the entertainment industry, I started out writing screenplays. But the medium frustrated me, so I tried to shake things up with a creative exercise. To my tremendous surprise, a 650-page love story poured out of me. It may have been awful and ridiculously long (though, secretly, I still love it!), but it was the most fun I’d had writing in ages. And so I’d found my true voice as a writer. Since then, I’ve written dozens of contemporary romances, from YA to New Adult to single title. What does age matter when we’re talking about finding the loves of our lives?!

Recently, I’ve had the unbelievably good fortune of selling a series to Berkley Publishing Group. The First book is titled You Really Got Me, coming January 2015. Please join me on this amazing ride by visiting my Facebook page or following me on Twitter.

And be sure to sign up for my newsletter—it won’t be long now before the first book in the Rock Star Romance series comes out, and I’ll be sending the link to buy it as soon as I can.

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