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It Was Always You Kindle new style cover.jpg


He’s the bad boy quarterback, one scandal away from being traded.


She’s the squeaky-clean pop star with a morality clause hanging around her neck.


And they can’t keep their hands off each other. 


Cassian Ellis fell in love with Gigi Cavanaugh when he was a kid. But he couldn’t have her, because her dad--his mentor--promised to take him all the way to the pros. The price: stay away from his daughter.


But Gigi was embedded in his soul — there was no distancing himself from her. And, senior year in high school, in a moment of desperation when he couldn’t take all the want and love and lust, he ended things in the worst way possible.


Now, nine years later, he’s forced to do charity work to clean up his party boy image.


And guess who’s working right alongside him?


Gigi can't believe her bad luck. She's on the same charity tour as Cassian Ellis, and, with the press recording their every move, she has to pretend to like the man who tore out her heart and stomped all over it.


But Cassian’s determined to win her back. Only, someone’s leaking photographs, and headlines about the bad boy quarterback corrupting the squeaky-clean pop star could sink both their dreams.


Can their love overcome all the world has put between them?


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